Award winning newborn, child and family photographer

Please read our updated studio policy.

Due to Covid-19, the studio will be implementing new measures to ensure maximum safety for all. Your well-being is our primary concern and we will be going above and beyond to comply with all of the mandated safety precautions.

In studio:

-All props, fabrics and surfaces will be sanitized prior to each session.

-Props will be predetermined to ensure proper sanitation.

-No outside props will be permitted. 

-No shoes are allowed in the studio.

-Hand washing and sanitizing are required upon entering.

-All adults and children over two will be masked when not being photographed. Plan to arrive with your face coverings in use. 

-Older siblings are required to leave when their portion of the shoot is finished.

-One adult may accompany the child being photographed. 

-We must maintain social distance except for when newborn parents are spotting their babies while being photographed. 

-Please do a temperature check before leaving for your appointment.


-Photographer will be masked

-Photographer will use a long focal length lens. This means I will be about 15-20 feet from my subjects at all times.

-Clients will bring their own props and blanket.

-We MUST maintain social distance at all times. 

I will accept payment electronically to eliminate contact all together. Please call to cancel if you have come into contact with a positive Covid-19 case, or are experiencing symptoms such as but not limited to fever, cough, sore throat, dizziness, muscle aches, chills, lack of taste/smell, runny nose and fatigue.  Those who are symptomatic will be immediately sent home and will lose their deposit. 


By entering my information below, I certify that I have read the above policies. I take full responsible for and am aware of any potential heath risks that my session may pose as a result of Covid-19. I waive my rights to seek damages or compensations in the event of an illness.